Information for support workers

To all Support Workers

Welcome to you and your client to Bikeactive.

Just to give you a little information about us and how we operate.

Our cycle rides are every Friday throughout the year from Alton Water, where we keep our specialist cycles.  We like our first ride to start at 10.00 followed by 10.45 and 11.30 (approximately).  After a short break we commence our final ride at 1.00pm.  Our bikes are now kept in a new location, in containers at the top car park near the cafe, so please come there.

On arrival at Alton Water a car parking ticket will be issued at the entry barrier which will be exchanged for a free exit ticket which can be collected from one of our volunteers, provided a stay is no longer than 3 hours. This includes blue badge holders.

As  there is no booking system, we offer the cycle rides on a first come first served basis so please ensure you register, pay the fee and collect your clients receipt .  We will never refuse anyone, unless on safety grounds, but on some occasions you may have to wait for the next ride especially during the busy summer months.  We then often put on extra rides.

Due to Covid all our volunteers are fully vaccinated and regularly use hand sanitizers. However, we now ask that all clients supply their own helmet, hi vis jacket and cycle clips. Additionally a hi vis jacket for the support worker is required as these will no longer be supplied by Bikeactive.

Once it has been established which bike your client will ride please ensure the following for them:

  • helmets are on correctly
  • hi vis jacket on, if necessary
  • any long shoe laces are tucked into shoes.
  • trousers are tucked into socks or cycle clips are used.

Once this has been done we ask the support worker to choose a bike that is suitable for themselves. If a bike needs to be adjusted (seat height, etc.) please do not hesitate to ask a Bikeactive volunteer for assistance as they will need to check any change to a bike. Also, we ask that any bike with yellow and black tape on is not used as these are for Bikeactive volunteers. You are expected to be a proficient cyclist and to ride in close proximity to your client, be aware of traffic conditions at all times, retain responsible for your client’s wellbeing and follow instructions from Bikeactive volunteers.

From time to time we take photographs of our cycling for publication and need to have permission of the client’s parent/guardian to include them.  Please download the authorisation form from our website and once completed hand to one of our Bikeactive volunteers.  If this is not done we will assume that we cannot photograph your client.

IMPORTANT  If you or your client becomes ill with Covid within days of a Bikeactive ride, you must contact us on giving full details – name of affected client/ support worker, date illness  confirmed, date of last Bikeactive ride.

For all information regarding Bikeactive please go to our website

Happy cycling and hope to see you on a Friday.

Special Needs Cycling