2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. Today was so popular we had 4 rides BEFORE lunch!!
    Luckily Richard and his dear wife Viola laid on a full Thanksgiving Day dinner of roast turkey with yams, assorted salads and dressings, plus……..a selection of yummy Pumpkin Pies……
    (which Bob and Kevin consumed faster than they ride!)
    A big thank you from the team to Viola and Richard.

  2. couldn’t agree more, fabulous day , great when so many people turn up to enjoy….plus there was a new element to the rides today….not only was Trudie back but Graeme and Ali sang their way round with renditions of all the popular 60,s songs…..great, but please no more ‘wheels on the bus go round and round’…..just take it easy, cause it makes the sound of my own wheels drive me crazy…..and a cheer for Fee who kept us going up the hills with ‘hap hap happy’..thanks all…sean….da do wah diddy diddy do diddy wah

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